Active Magnetic Bearings

for Optimized System Efficiency and Enhanced Reliability and Sustainability

Calnetix Technologies specializes in high-speed rotating machinery supported by patented active magnetic bearings (AMBs), which help optimize system efficiency and enhance reliability and sustainability.



We offer Powerflux™ Magnetic Bearings in radial and side by side combination configuration and Xcelflux™ Magnetic Bearings with a unique coil architecture. The unique advantages of Calnetix’s active magnetic bearings include the following:

Non-contact Support

Calnetix’s active magnetic bearings present unique advantages over conventional roller or fluid-film bearings when designing high-speed rotating machinery. Unlike conventional bearings, AMBs suspend the target rotor in a magnetic field. The result is a non-contact rotor support system with extremely low friction and no contact wear. Some of the benefits of contactless magnetic bearings include:

  • 低功率损耗和发热
  • Higher achievable speed
  • Low audible noise

Low Vibration Transmissibility

Calnetix utilizes an adaptive synchronous force rejection algorithm to minimize vibration transferred from the rotor to the housing. Low transmitted vibration is important in high-precision applications related to food, medical and defense industries. The benefits of low vibration transmissibility include:

      • 减少磁轴承结构振动
      • Reduces magnetic bearing dynamic loading
      • 减少MBC功耗
      • Significantly lowers audible noise

      Health Monitoring and Diagnostics

      Calnetix’s active magnetic bearing product set up is easy, and it allows the user to monitor the health of the magnetic bearing system. Calnetix’s AMBs include a position sensor, a magnetic actuator and a microcontroller, making machine health monitoring and diagnostics readily accessible. With a connection to an external computer, identifying, analyzing and archiving the health and historical performance of the machine are all possible with advanced diagnostics. Health monitoring can be enhanced with the addition of Calnetix’s high frequency data capture hardware and interface.

      Some of the health-monitoring features include:

      • Easy monitoring with live vibration
      • 能够监控所有轴中的轴承载荷
      • 能够录制高级数据和故障日志记录
      • 人事处tional data acquisition add-on to provide higher-quality and higher-resolution data
      Calnetix Health Monitoring and Diagnostics


      In most cases, Calnetix utilizes broad multidisciplinary in-house expertise to work with a customer to design an entire machine on magnetic bearings, rather than simply supplying magnetic bearing components. This achieves optimal performance of the machine as an integrated system and fully realizes the magnetic bearing system potential. Some of Calnetix’s competitive advantages include:

      • 广泛的内部专业领域,包括机械,电磁,旋转动力,热和电子设计和分析
      • Refined proprietary design and optimization codes that allow for quicker generation of optimized magnetic bearing geometries with fewer iterations
      • 来自内部内部和第三方FEA模块的组合的分析解决方案

      Advanced Graphical User Interface

      Calnetix developed a novel Graphical User Interface (GUI) to give both users and specialists an intuitive way to work with the inherent benefits of a magnetic bearing system. This GUI has been continuously refined and upgraded based on feedback from both internal and external customers. The GUI provides insight into all aspects of magnetic bearing and machine performance. It is the platform for system setup, monitoring and diagnostics:

      • Automated mechanical clearance checks
      • Automated electrical connection tests
      • 转子升定到任何所需位置,用于操作或测试需求
      • Commissioning made simpler with built-in transfer function and frequency response tools


        Powerflux™ AMBs utilize homopolar permanent-magnet-bias magnetic fields in conjunction with an electromagnetic field, whereas Xcellflux™ AMBs use heteropolar electromagnetic bias fields in conjunction with electromagnetic control fields. Both products are low-cost and easy to assemble, as shown and described below.




        • Permanent magnet (PM) bias
        • Homopolar design
        • Combination of radial and axial bearing
        • High performance with low power losses and low cooling requirements
        • Suitable for high performance and precision applications, including defense, machine tools, power generation and less than 1 MW oil and gas compressors and expanders
        Power Flux


        Magnetic bearings do not function on their own; they require multiple components working together as a unique system. Calnetix has designed and developed all of the components that make up the active magnetic bearing system, and these components are shown and described below.




        Backup Bearings

        Magnetic Bearing Controller



        The actuator in an active magnetic bearing is the electromagnet that applies a controlled force to the shaft of a machine to control its position. A radial actuator consists of a lamination stack with control coils and poles arranged to give two orthogonal axes of control. An arrangement of permanent magnets is also used in Calnetix actuators to produce a linearizing bias flux. Other AMB manufacturers produce the linearizing flux with a DC current in the control coil. Two other common actuator configurations are a combination radial/axial actuator and a stand-alone axial actuator.


        To learn about the operational principle of homopolar, permanent magnet-biased active magnetic bearing, please clickhere.

        actuator in an Active Magnetic Bearing



        Different types of position sensors have different combinations of properties, making some of them more suitable for a given application than the others. However, in the industrial environment, it is typically preferable to have one technology that would cover as many applications as possible. From a wide variety of the available technologies, including optical, capacitive and electromagnetic position sensors, the latter appears to be the most universal solution. Calnetix utilizes four types of sensors, depending on the application specifics:

        All sensors include the sensitive element (sensor head) located in the machine, where the displacement needs to be measured, and sensor electronics, typically located in the Magnetic Bearing Controller (MBC).




        • Smart Speed Sensors- The smart speed sensors utilize a built-in magnet as a source of the magnetic field, two Hall-effect sensors for the differential field measurement and an internal logic that looks for a periodical pattern in magnetic field variations over time, which is then interpreted as speed. Since these sensors are designed to look for any periodic pattern of the magnetic field, regardless of the levels, they do not need any calibration and are very easy to use. On the downside, they do not offer any flexibility in sensitivity adjustments, which may be needed in some applications.
        • Programmable Speed Sensors- 这些传感器利用两个可编程霍尔效应传感器和磁场的外部源。可以调整可编程霍尔效应传感器的参数以解决特定应用程序的细节。这些传感器通常集成到径向致动器的“死杆”中,以利用已有的致动器偏置磁场。这显着降低了机器的轴向长度,并允许更大的旋转动力边距。

        Backup Bearings


        The most common backup bearing configuration used by Calnetix is two duplex pairs of angular contact ball bearings preloaded face-to-face (DF). This mounting requires the bearing outer races to be clamped – either hard or through a spring – on the outer race. Hybrid bearings with conventional SAE 52100 steel races and SiN3 balls are standard. Backup bearings for high-speed applications are usually cageless and use either a grease film, dry film lubricant or a light grease fill.

        Back up bearing

        Magnetic Bearing Controller

        雷电竞下载appCALNETIX Technologies已开发和部署先进的磁轴承控制器(MBC),其包含操作磁性轴承系统所需的所有元件。该公司目前在Insight™系列中生产了两个不同的MBC平台,并在Concurrence™系列中。

        For more information, see theMagnetic Bearing Controllersproduct page.

        Calnetix Insight 804 Magnetic Bearing Controller



        More detailed information or functionality can be accessed through the action buttons: Digital Signal Processors (DSP) Actions, View Logs, Fault Summary, View/Set Parameters and Measurements. The additional functionality includes:

        • Transfer function measurement- plant transfer function, compensator transfer function, open loop transfer function, closed loop transfer function and sensitivity transfer function
        • Logs- fault, event, ESD data, machine specific calibration and system data
        • Scope- internal high frequency measurements for key operating signals, such as rotor motion and coil current (actuator forces)
        • Continuous data acquisition- long-term recording of high-frequency data, such as position, current and speed for disk storage

        Why Use Active Magnetic Bearings?

        Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) have been in commercial rotating machinery for over 30 years, offering increased performance and extended machine lifespan due to frictionless operation and the lack of wearable parts. There has been an industry-wide increase in the production of magnetic bearing systems, which has led to overall cost reduction and more rapid market adoption. Some of the advantages of switching to magnetic bearings, include:

        • No physical contact between rotating and stationary components
        • 没有润滑system required (environmentally-friendly)
        • 在恶劣环境中功能齐全
        • 低功率损失
        • 动态测试,健康监控和数据记录
        • And many more…

        To see more information about AMB advantages,click here.